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USB Car Charger
USB Car Charger: USB car charger is often called. It uses a wide range of applications in a variety of American B charging interface advantages of versatility. Combined with the use of the 12V DC car, the car's 24V DC converter and USB charging appliances and a variety of commonly used DC 5V voltage. This form of electricity charges, and you can use the car's USB port, DC 5V of. Such as: All 5V cell phone, MP3, navigation systems, game consoles and other DC appliances.
working principle
First: USB car charger must comply with a principle, for small consumer electronics products
A rechargeable battery, USB port is an economical and practical power source. Fully compliant with USB 2.0 specification, loads connected to the USB port must be able to perform bidirectional communication with the host. Load must also comply with power-management requirements, including low-power modes, as well as easy to determine when to draw a large current from a port means the host. Although the results of some compatible system to accommodate most USB hosts, but sometimes unpredictable. The complexity of the requirements of the load and the load between the USB to standard compatibility expect only a good understanding, in order to achieve a better balance. So USB car charger, switching from interface to voltage conversion, and the current electric power demand to match demand. Sometimes, you will encounter USB you buy can not give you a charge, it is possible to match the problem. For example: If you are using a DC voltage of 5V voltage USB car charger. If the voltage is correct, and this is your electric power may be larger. USB car charger power supply does not match, there may not charge or charge less electricity. Then, it should confirm whether the charging current is large and small game.
USB is based on these factors: its first car is 12V DC or 24V DC power supply turn into DC 5V; then use a unified interface USB 5V DC output corresponding charge transfer. Depending on the different power supply, USB car charger power is also different, different from the mainstream, large and small USB car charger.
USB car charger Specifications
Common specifications USB Car Charger: Output: 5V DC500 mA;
Nuisance Indian car charger
Nuisance India car charger (5)
5V DC700 mA; 5V DC one thousand mA; 5V DC2000 mA; know its specifications Output voltage 5V DC, you can find a variety of current specifications. This different current specifications of the ease of use is to select for different devices. Such as: In the past mobile phone is basically a 500 mA current; but with the development of the times, the phone appears business phone, mobile phone games, music, Internet telephony, its power. Thus, relatively large current needs charger. This is different specifications of USB car charger, user can select the appropriate package specification.
USB car charger price
Prices USB Car Charger USB specification has a close relationship, it may look the same, but different tag output, the price is not the same. Usually the current, the greater the power, the price is high. Prices can be divided into the cost price, ex-factory, wholesale and retail market prices. Here, but the user's perspective, the general talk about retail prices.